Tunnelling & Construction

Equipment types we provide tires for:

  • Tipper/ Trailer
  • Wheel Loader
  • Production Drills/ Boomer
  • Rigid Dump Truck
  • Skid Loader
  • Tyre Protection Chains
  • Tyre Protection and Safety


Equipment Type Brand Product
Tipper/ Trailer Bridgestone L317 E4
Tipper/ Trailer Trelleborg T-900
Wheel Loader Bridgestone Firestone MBT / VSDL L5 / VJT L3
Wheel Loader Trelleborg Brawler HD / Brawler HPS
Wheel Loader Triangle TB516 / TB598
Production Drills/ Boomer Bridgestone VCH / VCHS
Rigid Dump Truck Bridgestone VRLS E4 / VELS E4
Rigid Dump Truck Triangle TL558S / TB526S / TB566S
Skid Loader Trelleborg Brawler HD SS / Brawler HPS SS
Tyre Protection Chains Pewag ST18/16S
Tyre Protection and Safety Checkpoint Loose nut indicators

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